How a SaaS Company Generated $104,000 After Spending $1,900: A Google Ads Case Study

Learn from a compelling Google Ads case study how a SaaS company achieved $104,000 in 5 days with just $1,900 ad spend. The success came through a strategic account restructure and precise conversion tracking.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, Google Ads has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to reach their target audience effectively. This case study delves into the inspiring success story of a SaaS company that achieved outstanding results using Google Ads. By implementing a well-structured strategy and making critical optimizations, they witnessed a remarkable $104,000 revenue surge within just five days while keeping their ad spend to a modest $1,900. In this article, we will explore the challenges faced by the company, the solutions implemented, and the impressive results obtained.

The Problem

When the digital marketing expert took over the Google Ads account of the SaaS company in mid-February, they encountered several significant challenges that were hindering the company's growth:

Overspending on Irrelevant Keywords

The company was investing heavily in keywords that were not directly related to its core business offerings. This led to wasted ad spend on clicks that were unlikely to convert into paying customers. The lack of proper keyword targeting and negative keyword management resulted in ad impressions for irrelevant search queries, leading to a low click-through rate (CTR) and an inefficient ad budget allocation.

Lack of Proper Conversion Tracking

The absence of accurate offline conversion tracking made it difficult for the company to attribute sales and revenue directly to its Google Ads campaigns. This lack of data hindered their ability to measure the true impact of their advertising efforts. Without a clear understanding of which campaigns and keywords were driving the most valuable conversions, the company was unable to optimize its ad spend effectively and allocate resources to the most successful campaigns.

Complex Account Structure

The Google Ads account suffered from a poorly organized campaign structure, with multiple campaigns going after different offers. This lack of focus and organization resulted in a diluted ad performance and a missed opportunity to leverage the full potential of specific products or services. Furthermore, the absence of proper ad copy optimization and relevant keyword themes reduced the ad quality and effectiveness, leading to lower ad rankings and ad positions.

The Solution

To address the challenges and unlock the true potential of Google Ads, the digital marketing expert devised a comprehensive strategy that involved the following key steps:

Complete Account Audit

The first step was to conduct a thorough account audit, which included:

  • Analyzing the company's business offerings and conducting a competitor analysis to identify gaps and opportunities. This analysis provided valuable insights into the competitive landscape and helped identify the company's unique selling propositions (USPs).

  • Overhauling Google properties, such as Analytics, Tag Manager, and Ads, to ensure accurate data tracking and reporting. By implementing proper tracking mechanisms, the company gained access to valuable data, enabling data-driven decision-making and campaign optimization.

Implement Accurate Offline Conversion Tracking

To gain a holistic view of the customer journey, the company integrated HubSpot to implement precise offline conversion tracking. This step allowed them to attribute sales and revenue to specific Google Ads campaigns, providing valuable insights into their return on investment. By understanding which campaigns and keywords were driving actual sales and revenue, the company could allocate its budget more efficiently and optimize for maximum ROI.

Google Ads Account Restructure

A restructure of the Google Ads account was paramount to optimize its performance:

  • Consolidation: The company streamlined its 15 campaigns into three highly targeted ones, aligning each with specific business goals. This consolidation enabled better budget management and improved focus on campaigns that had the most significant potential for success.

  • Ad Copy Optimization: Ad copies were revamped to align with targeted keyword themes, ensuring higher ad relevance and quality scores. By crafting compelling ad copies that resonated with users' search intent, the company increased its ad click-through rates and ad performance.

  • Negative Keyword Lists: A list of 1000+ negative keywords was introduced to prevent ads from displaying for irrelevant search queries, reducing wasteful ad spend. This step enhanced the overall campaign efficiency and helped in reaching a more relevant and engaged audience.

  • Removal of Unprofitable Keywords: By analyzing the account data for the last 90-180 days in conjunction with attribution data, unprofitable keywords were identified and promptly removed. This data-driven approach allowed the company to prioritize budget allocation for high-performing keywords and maximize ROI.

The Results

With the strategic approach and optimization efforts in place, the SaaS company achieved outstanding results:

Revenue Surge and ROI

Within just five days, the company witnessed a remarkable revenue surge, amounting to $104,000. This impressive ROI was achieved while maintaining a modest ad spend of $1,900. The focused campaign structure and improved ad relevance resulted in higher conversion rates and more qualified leads.

Enhanced Lead Quality

The aggressive bidding strategy, with CPCs ranging from $100 to $200, brought in more demos and trials. This translated into higher-quality leads for the sales team, improving the conversion rate. The improved lead quality enabled the sales team to close more deals effectively, further boosting the company's revenue.

Empowered Sales Team

By allowing the sales team to handle the final stages of the sales process, the company ensured a more personalized approach to converting leads into customers. This human touch played a crucial role in building trust and increasing customer acquisition. The collaboration between the marketing and sales teams led to a seamless customer experience and strengthened the company's reputation in the market.


The success story of this SaaS company showcases the potential of Google Ads when executed strategically and optimized diligently. By addressing the challenges through a comprehensive account audit, implementing accurate conversion tracking, and restructuring their Google Ads account, they achieved remarkable results. The case study highlights the importance of data-driven decision-making, focusing on relevant keywords, and empowering the sales team for ultimate success.

As businesses continue to leverage digital advertising to reach their target audience, embracing a well-structured and data-driven approach is essential for achieving optimal results. By optimizing Google Ads campaigns and staying proactive in adapting to changing market dynamics, businesses can unlock significant growth potential and achieve remarkable success in their digital marketing endeavors.

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Our mission is to keep marketers up to date & inspired with the best digital marketing case studies from elite agencies across the world.

Our mission is to keep marketers up to date & inspired with the best digital marketing case studies from elite agencies across the world.

Our mission is to keep marketers up to date & inspired with the best digital marketing case studies from elite agencies across the world.